Summer Wishes

Summer Wishes: Nike, H&M, Triangl, Steve Madden, Dolce & Gabbana
Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to cram 30 more pages in my head but since I've done a ton of work already I thought I'd reward myself with a blogging break. Here goes a small post as I really need to get back to studying soon! 

These are items that are currently on my wish list (I can't get them out of my head). For starters I'm looking for a trench coat made out of thin fabric, like this Romwe one. I know that we're heading towards summer but let's admit it, this Belgian weather is way too cold without a coat or a jacket. Secondly, feeding my bikini addiction (I relapse every year), this Triangl Poppy bikini is one of the most beautiful bikinis I've seen lately! As for the H&M top: I tried it on when I was on a college trip in Lisbon. It looks gorgeous, but €24 for a simple top was a bit too much in my opinion. (Saving hope for the sales!)

White sandals have been a trend for a while now, but I think this pair of Steve Madden slippers look comfy yet stylish! I feel like I need them in my life :) I would love to try them on sometime. On a sporty note: I know that the Nike sports bra is a bit out of place, but this one has been on my wishlist for sooo long. I want to buy it in a lovely colour so I can go running in 35°C in Portugal this summer! 

Onto the nails... This Essie shade breathes summer. It's called Naughty Nautical and reminds me of oceans and swimming pools and sunshine and watermelons.. Aaaah! I can't wait for exams to be over.

As for the Dolce & Gabbana sunnies... A girl can dream, right? ;) Good luck everyone — stay strong, study hard and talk to you soon!


How To Make Chia (Peach) Pudding

How To Make Chia (Peach) Pudding

Chia pudding is literally everywhere at the moment! I follow a few clean-eating Instagram accounts and came across the yummiest looking pictures of various chia pudding flavours. Chia seeds were actually the first ‘super foods’ I’ve ever tried. These little seeds are claimed to be very high in fiber. I have to admit that I used to sprinkle chia seeds all over my oats in the morning, but of late I simply forget about them because I don’t really see or feel a benefit for my body. Chia pudding is another story. Because… pudding. In this post I’m going to share the recipe of my homemade chia pudding.

How To Make Chia (Peach) Pudding


Study Motivation: 5 Tips!

Study Motivation: 5 Tips!
01: Summer Is Coming!
Did you know that you decide the pace at which summer comes? There are two possibilities: in the period before your exams you can either work like crazy or watch a new series every day. If you study hard, time will pass more quickly! Besides, you don't want to study in summer whilst all your friends are having fun. 
02: Shut Down Your Phone And Laptop
It's sooo easy to get distracted because we have to face the fact that studying can also be very boring depending on the matter. Everything might be more exciting than your books, so put your phone aside (same goes for laptops, iPads, etc). Focus.
03: Yummy Snacks
For me those snacks are grapes, dates, nuts or tea! I love tea because it helps me focus, whilst coffee just makes me nervous and stressed when I'm studying. It helps keeping my brain active right before an exam, but during the period where you have to study before your exams I prefer tea better! Study snacks are awesome and sometimes the highlight of a boring day; just make sure they aren't too sugary because your brain might turn sluggish.
04: Plan Something Nice
After a long day of studying — and of course not the day right before an exam — it's always nice to plan a relaxing moment. For example, I really like watching a new episode of Pretty Little Liars! It takes my mind off. I also like running but because I don't sleep well during this time of the year, I really don't have the energy to run often. 
05: Knowledge Is Power!
Something that really helps me is trying to see the bigger picture. I chose this course, I want this degree, I'm going for it! I love the feeling on an exam where you have multiple 'ooh I know this' or 'this is easy' moments. Studying is not that bad. It makes you a smart cookie!

Good luck everyone! Remember that it will be worth it in the end! :)


5 Quick Layout Tips + FREE Blogger Theme!

Lagoon: a FREE Blogger Theme offered by Scribbles of Valérie!

Hello everyone! Remember the last time I shared a free template for you all to download? Don't bother searching it on this website because I found that my design style had changed so much from the very beginning when I started blogging, that I simply removed the post. But... I promised to share a new, clean and beautiful theme for free so here it is at last! In this post we'll talk about 5 quick tips to clear your blog and make it look prettier and more functional. You'll also learn everything about this new freebie I'm sharing today, called the Lagoon Blogger template! You ready?


The Best Hours To Publish A Blog Post

The Best Hours To Publish A Blog Post

One of the things I didn't care or think about when I started blogging was the timing. What's the right time to press publish? What day of the week? In the morning or in the afternoon? How do you maximize your social reach?


What's In My Healthy Cupboard?

What's In My Healthy Cupboard?

Hello everyone! By now I think we're all pretty familiar with those much hyped superfoods, right? I've started "collecting" them more than a year ago and I thought it would be interesting to talk about their benefits, when and why I add them to my food (and also because I'm curious about your healthy cupboards!).