A Day in Bruges

9:22 AM

This week, we went to Bruges (for shopping ☺ ). I had been to Bruges, a Belgian city, before in my life when I was little, but I don't really remember anything from the visit I made back then. I heard that it would be a beautiful city. When I arrived, it reminded me of Ghent, where my college is. I find Bruges really alike. It's such a beautiful city!

We went to a little local restaurant, where they had the cutest bottles of cava! ☺ I like it every now and then, although I'm trying to avoid alcohol. The waitress was so nice and kind to us! I ordered spring rolls with stir-fried vegetables and shrimps, altogether with pasta and curry. It was delicious, but I really had to make an effort to eat it all haha!

There are a lot of cute chocolate and candy shops in Bruges aswell. I had to taste a cookie ☺

Beautiful buildings! 

I wish I had this chocolate fountain at home haha! 

The weather was really bad, so before we took a train back home, we had a Starbucks hazelnut hot chocolate. Soooo delicious! ☺ I was quite happy with my purchases aswell. I bought a new jeans - I really needed one because I'm basically living in my Levis - and a black skirt.

I hope you like this little sight-seeing post of Bruges! I hope to see a lot more when the weather gets better. It's really awful right now. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day! xxx

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  1. Lovely pictures, seems like a nice day !

  2. Beautiful photos - I hope I'll get a chance to visit one day :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I've visited Bruges for two New Years Celebrations and it's the most magical place I've ever visited, especially at the festive time of year. I can't wait to go back there :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. Wat leuk, ik wou ook al lang eens naar Brugge gaan! Dit staat zeker op de planning voor komende maanden! Ik ben vanaf nu een nieuwe trouwe lezer van je :)
    Zou je elkaar willen volgen op Bloglovin en elkaars Fb pagina?
    Laat me maar iets weten op m'n blog!
    Dikke kus xoxo Nele www.heartensole

  5. www.heartensole.blogspot.com*

  6. Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's! Ik vind Brugge een geweldige stad met een hoop mooie gebouwen en veel te lekkere chocolade :p xo

  7. bruges looks lovely! i've only ever been to brussels, would love to explore bruges as well. sounds like such a nice time!

  8. Shame on me! Ik ben nog nooit in Brugge geweest, maar aan je foto's te zien moet ik er dringend eens naartoe :D xx

  9. What a beautiful city! Love the pictures!


  10. Such pretty pictures!


  11. wow, so beautiful. i have nothing as pretty where i live in the US.
    my cousin is moving to belgium in the summer. if i visit, i will let you know (:

  12. What a gorgeous city! :) This is what I imagine when I think of Europe. Exploring cities like this is my favorite thing to do. What I find "weird" though is the Starbucks...like, whenever I go to a new town, I always make it a point to try the local cafes because Starbucks is just too predictable (and expensive)... we even have 2 Starbucks on my school campus- it's kinda ridiculous, haha. xxx

  13. I had never really thought about Belgium as a city break destination before but after this I am quite inspired to visit it!
    I recently got back from Berlin which I wrote about on my new blog so hopefully it might inspire you to visit what is my new favourite city!