Nike Free Run 5.0+

7:00 AM

This year I definitely (re)discovered a passion for running. I've been running approximately at least two times a week since March, minus my finals month where I was too tired for anything but studying. I've had a pair of Nike Court shoes — designed for tennis — for the past two years, but naturally fell in love with the Nike Free Run range (like everyone else in the world, I think). 

Nike Free Run 5+

Whenever a shop sold them here in Belgium, they never had my size and the price tag was sky-high for me... until last week. My sister said they sold them in America Today on sale and she had spotted my size, so the very next day I was on a mission for Nike Free Runs. They had various colours; I doubted between a neon yellow pair or the ones above and as you can tell I went with the light blue ones because they match my running outfits (priorities!) and it's just a pretty and feminine colour. 

DESCRIPTION: The Nike Free 5.0+ running shoe is designed to maximize the foot's natural range of motion while providing protection and cushioning for a smooth ride. To soften your step, the midsole offers adequate cushioning to keep your feet comfortable, mile after mile. The rubber outsole features waffle pistons that help absorb impact and ensure reliable traction on a variety of surfaces.

RATING: I really like them because they're so lightweight and comfy to wear. They feel softer than the pair of running shoes I was wearing before and I feel like they are better for my ankles. I tend to have sore ankles after 10K and my left knee has always been prone to injuries, that's why great shoes designed for running are important to me (and to a lot of people). I was afraid they wouldn't provide enough support for my feet, but I feel more stable in these than I've ever been in a running shoe. I think they look beautiful for a running shoe (running shoes aren't the most elegant shoes in the world, but this pair does an awesome job). I would definitely recommend them + they all look pretty amazing!

PS: This post has been scheduled — I'm still in Norway at the moment! ☺

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  1. These shoes are looking gorgeous !


  2. They sound really good and I love the colour!! <3

    Jennie xo |