Packing for Norway

11:51 AM

Packing for Norway

Tomorrow evening, my boyfriend and me are leaving for a 10-days-adventure in Norway! We plan on hiking and sight-seeing and maybe some wild camping if I'm not scared. I'm really nervous for this trip because I haven't done anything like it — except maybe sleeping in a tent for five days on a camping in my own country, but I've never been to Scandinavia. I don't know if it's just this that causes my nervousness, or maybe the fact that I'll have to make it through ten days with only a 40L bag to hold my stuff. Might be easy for the adventurers amongst you guys, but not for me, it's stressing me out! I'm an over-packer especially when it comes to first aid (it's better to be safe than sorry!). Other than that I'm really curious about Norway because I've heard a lot of people say it's beautiful. I'm also looking forward to no comfort or no Internet although I think the first day will be the hardest to adjust. Luckily I find myself easily settled in circumstances with little comfort. Oh and then there's just one last thing that's scaring me the most: flying. If I survive the flight, I'll survive everything!

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  1. This is so exciting! I'm doing something similar with my best friends next week but in Ireland :P Hope you're having a great time in Norway :) x
    Ana xo

    1. Thank you Ana! :)
      Have a blast in Ireland! I would love to go there aswell! x

  2. Hope you enjoy !


  3. Norway is one of the prettiest countries I've visited. I wish I could go back, it really is gorgeous! Have loads of fun and take a lot of pictures!

    Evelin Kivi blog